dwmwhat(1) FreeBSD General Commands Manual dwmwhat(1)


dwmwhatFind and display version control strings in object files


dwmwhat [-c custom_keyword] [-s] [-v] file(s)


dwmwhat searches one or more files for strings starting with @(#) and displays the strings on stdout, one per line. It is similar to the old what(1) utility from SCCS, but provides special functionality for files built from source from a Subversion repository.
While geared toward my own source which uses a custom Subversion keyword DwmPath that expands %P%_%r, it may be used on any file with strings that start with @(#) and can perform special processing based on your own custom keyword.
Optional arguments:
-c custom_keyword
Specify a custom tag to enable special processing. This keyword must be set to %P%_%r in the svn:keywords property of the file in the Subversion repository.
Shorten the file path shown.
Print the version of dwmwhat(1) itself.


View the version information for the installed version of dwmwhat(1). Since this was built from what appears to be a tag directory, dwmwhat(1) will print what it believes is the tag name at the start of the line:
% dwmwhat `which dwmwhat` 
libDwm-0.6.9 dwm/libDwm/tags/libDwm-0.6.9/apps/dwmwhat/dwmwhat.cc 
libDwm-0.6.9 dwm/libDwm/tags/libDwm-0.6.9/src/DwmOptArgs.cc 
libDwm-0.6.9 dwm/libDwm/tags/libDwm-0.6.9/src/DwmStringUtils.cc 
libDwm-0.6.9 dwm/libDwm/tags/libDwm-0.6.9/src/DwmSvnTag.cc
Repeat but don't display the path to the project.
% dwmwhat -s `which dwmwhat` 
libDwm-0.6.9 apps/dwmwhat/dwmwhat.cc 
libDwm-0.6.9 src/DwmOptArgs.cc 
libDwm-0.6.9 src/DwmStringUtils.cc 
libDwm-0.6.9 src/DwmSvnTag.cc
View the version information for dwmwhat(1) in my working copy of the trunk of libDwm. For what appear to be trunk or branch files, dwmwhat(1) will print 'trunk' or 'branch' at the start of the line and the revision number in parantheses.
% dwmwhat -s ./dwmwhat 
trunk (8496) apps/dwmwhat/dwmwhat.cc 
trunk (8388) src/DwmOptArgs.cc 
trunk (8388) src/DwmStringUtils.cc 
trunk (8402) src/DwmSvnTag.cc
View the version information embedded in the vacation program:
% dwmwhat /usr/bin/vacation 
@(#)$Debug: sm_check_heap - check sm_malloc, sm_realloc, sm_free calls $ 
@(#)$Debug: sm_heap_limit - max # of bytes permitted in heap $ 
@(#)$Debug: sm_xtrap - raise exception at N'th xtrap point $ 
@(#)$Debug: sm_xtrap_report - report xtrap count on exit $ 
@(#)$Debug: sm_check_assert - check assertions $ 
@(#)$Debug: sm_check_require - check function preconditions $ 
@(#)$Debug: sm_check_ensure - check function postconditions $ 
@(#)$Debug: sm_abort_stop - stop process on fatal error $


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