dwmrdapd.conf(5) FreeBSD File Formats Manual dwmrdapd.conf(5)


dwmrdapd.conf dwmrdapd(8) configuration file.


dwmrdapd.conf is the configuration file for dwmrdapd(8).


dwmrdapd.conf contains multiple stanzas. Each stanza contains attributes (name:value pairs) or sub-stanzas. Stanzas are opened with a name and { and closed with a }. Attribute notation is name: value;
Comments start with # and continue to the end of the line. Empty lines are ignored.

Syslog stanza

The Syslog stanza contains settings for syslog.
Facility: name;
The syslog facility. This may be one of "user", "daemon", "auth", "local0", "local1", "local2", "local3", "local4", "local5", "local6" or "local7". the default is "daemon".
MinimumPriority: priority;
The lowest priority that will be logged. This may be "debug", "info", "notice", "warning", "error", "critical", "alert" or "emergency". The default is "info".
ShowFileLocations: boolean;
If true, mcblockd will show file and line number information in each syslog message. This is typically set to false, but may be set to true during development or debugging. The default is false.
An example Syslog stanza is shown below.
 Syslog { 
   Facility: local0; 
   MinimumPriority: info; 
   ShowFileLocations: false; 

Server stanza

The Server stanza is composed of multiple sub-stanzas.
TCP sub-stanza
Address: w.x.y.z;
The IPv4 address to which we will bind. To bind to all addresses, use 'any' (which is the default if no Address sub-stanza exists).
Port: port_number;
The port to which we'll bind.
Bootstrap sub-stanza
dwmrdapd(8) requires two bootstrap files. One is a modified version of the IP address RDAP bootstrap file provided by ARIN, and the other is a country codes file. Both are in JSON form.
rdap_ipv4: URL;
The path to the RDAP Ipv4 bootstrap file. Normally this would be that includes dwmrdapd(8).
country_codes: path;
The path to the file containing country codes. The default is includes dwmrdapd(8).
Database: path;
The location of the file where dwmrdapd(will) store its data. The default is /usr/local/var/ipv4country.db.
An example Server stanza is shown below.
 Server { 
    TCP { Address: any; Port: 6363; } 
    Bootstrap { 
        rdap_ipv4: "file:///usr/local/etc/rdap_ipv4.json"; 
        country_codes: /usr/local/etc/country_codes.json; 
    Database: /usr/local/etc/ipv4country.db; 


Default dwmrdapd(8) configuration file.
Example dwmrdapd(8) configuration file.




Copyright (c) 2017 Daniel W. McRobb dwm@mcplex.net
April 25, 2017 FreeBSD 11.1-BETA1